Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rajasthan Tours - A Day in the Life of the Jungle Traveller

India has so much variety in the experiences she has been able to offer travellers that you will never be able to run out of novel reasons to be here in a whole lifetime. Among the many attractions that have made India a tourist magnet, Royal Rajsthan Tour rate extremely favourably. This is one of the most frequented circuits for domestic and international travel, and there has been no one who has returned from a tour of this desert state disappointed.

There are many different kinds of tours which you can select on a . Rajasthan Forts & Palaces Tour, desert tours and historic tours are the popular reasons why Rajasthan is the preferred choice. However, the one tour which takes precedence over all these is the Wildlife Tour in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan houses within it several Indian Wildlife Sanctuaries Tour and parks which have gained fame for the hospitable habitat they make for the animals, and also the ease with which tourists can master the terrain and marvel the wonders of nature. On its part, the state has also taken impressive measures to ensure all travellers are given the best in accommodation and assistance.

The various wildlife reserves in Rajasthan Tours boast of numerous animals whose sightings are sought after by thousands of tourists. While most of the lesser known sanctuaries are feeding and breeding grounds for common species of Tiger And Bird Tour, parks like Kumbalgarh and Ranthambore Tiger Tour offer an opportunity to spot rare beasts like leopards, tigers, deer and bison. Gone are the days when a jungle safari meant long, arduous days in the gruelling sun, and returning to sparse accommodation and frugal meals. Jungle safaris in Rajasthan have given luxury a new definition altogether.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Incredible halt at Rajasthan with Varanasi

India is a country which has uncountable tour opportunities and most varied culture and travelling options. Tourists from different part of world tend to attract themselves when they come across the travelling options of this beautiful country for India Tours. Here they get worthwhile and fascinating travelling alternatives that they prefer touring to India as frequent as they can. In India, you can find various options to travel like huge mountains, enchanting lakes and springs, hill stations, churches, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, historical monuments etc. But if you want to experience the real royal and regal environment, you should visit the Rajasthan, a state with real royal ambience.

As the name suggests, Rajasthan is a Land of Kings. While travelling through India, one can not think of not visiting Rajasthan. You can visit Rajasthan for beautiful and enchanting palaces, huge and gigantic forts and havelis, alluring gardens, monuments, Thar Desert and the very famous camel safari. Rajasthan Wild Life Tour is a place which attracts most of the travelers in India. This majestic land is full of unconquerable and splendid forts and palaces which are the most uncommon and unique quality of the state. Glowing Desert, golden sand, enchanting flora and fauna, amazing wildlife or National Parks ads on to the qualities of the place to make it a worth place to visit. Rajasthan is a beautiful land of rich and colorful culture and heritage. The different festivals of the state make its culture vibrant, colorful and bright. Each city of the state has one unique and important quality to make the state a complete travelling option.

Jaipur tour, known as pink city is the capital of Rajasthan. It has so many things to visit like Amber Palace; City Palace, Hawa Mahal etc. Udaipur is the city of lakes which is blessed by green hills and blue lakes. Jaisalmer is known as the golden city having various touring options. Rajasthan also has a hill station named as Mount Abu which is the only hill station in Rajasthan. All of these cities in Rajasthan are worth to visit. Apart from these cities, other cities in Rajasthan are rich in wildlife and exotic flora. Rajasthan Heritage Tour is also a positive point of the state to experience.