Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ideal and Exciting Tourist Destination in India

India is one of the most wonderful and exciting travel destinations around the world. It is considered as a naturally gifted place with the broad range of tourist destinations. In India, every state has overabundance of holiday hotspots wherein you can savor the pleasure of life without worrying about the everyday turmoil of working life. India has a wealthy cultural history, numerous architectural marvels and vast diversity. India Tour Operators provide a pleasing experience having the superb blend of tradition, culture natural beauty, spiritual and stunning modernization. So, visit this magical land of India and explore amazing destinations along with your family, special someone and friends.

Experiencing Endless Pleasure in India

India is most visited by people because of its wonderful destinations and it stands out among all Asian countries because of the earthy charm, geographical diversities and rich history. With its numerous diversities and variations, there are many places in India where you can explore and enjoy. If you are one of the tourists, you can definitely explore the beautiful palaces, mighty forts, picturesque valleys, cool hill stations, captivating beaches, breathtaking backwaters, golden desert, modern amusement, amazing fauna and flora, and solemn religious places.

India is a perfect place for people who love to study the different aspects of life, ancient civilization, mysticism, unique culture, mouth-watering foods, spiritual characteristics and a lot more. India travels are truly a superb experience when traveling and exploring such ancient land, which is beyond your widest imagination. India has a number of things to offer for every visitors and tourists. This place is a famous destination for professionals, vacationers, retirees, adventure enthusiast, honeymooners and various types of globetrotters.

Basically, vacationers love to flock on such a mesmerizing place and explore the distinctive tourism of Indian treasure. In India, there are varieties of India tours packages like South tours, North tours, Rajasthan tour, north-east tours, golden triangle tours, Ladakh and Kashmir tour, Kerale tour, medical tour, Taj Mahal tour, Uttarkhand tour, Ayurveda tour and other customized tour packages having the affordable price. These are the descriptions of several and often visited destinations for India tourism.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Green Onion and Frozen Pizza

Each dish starts out the same. A few cloves of garlic minced into thin ovals, limbs of ginger pureed into a thick pulp, and finely chopped stalks of green onion, sliced so that the flimsy green leaves coil out from the white stalk. Each is used in equal quantity at the base of the wok, to which is added a few hearty shakes of salt and black pepper, a dash of Asian five spice, and a dollop of spicy chili peppers.

We've been trying to cook together at least once a week, me and Yao Jie, this year's Shansi Visiting Scholar from China. We improvise a little with the ingredients, substituting what we can't get in America with its closest equivalents. The contents of each individual dish don't seem to matter much—strips of eggplant and squash, scrambled eggs and sweet onion, cubed pork and diced potatoes—the preparation is amazingly, eerily, consistent.

Sunday dinner at Shansi House (photo courtesy of Yao Jie).

In a bizarre twist of fate, Yao Jie also hails from Shanxi, the province home to my beloved Taigu, and is enamored by the same iconic Northern Chinese fare. When I lived in Taigu, I never thought I would miss it. So soon had the foreigners tired of the same five or six lei (types) of food that we eagerly sought out non-Chinese dishes at almost every opportunity. But amazingly, that plaintive disdain has quickly morphed into something more like desire. Food has become a metaphor for my unbridled nostalgia for China. The smells and tastes touch my taste buds in dreams, tantalizing me with the utterly fantastic notion of their feasibility, where the closest we get is the once-a-week meals we bastardize using ingredients from Stevenson and IGA.

I am constantly awed by her fascination about Oberlin. There is a certain wide-eyed focus to her gaze, a quiet calculation and analysis of the new world surrounding her, not too dissimilar, in fact, from my own. It’s been interesting, too, hearing what kinds of questions she has, and how even the most ordinary things require a lengthy explanation: “What function do the blue boxes on street corners serve?” “How do you choose the best cell phone service provider?” “What is the meaning of the sign in the Walmart parking lot that reads ‘Reserved Parking: Horse and Buggy Only?’”