Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shop Till You Drop in Rajasthan

Rural Hubs, Main Markets of Rajasthan, Old Bazaars of Rajasthan are all well known as shopping arcades of the state. Shopping in Rajasthan is a delightful activity where the visitors make a point to fill their shopping bagswith the best items and souvenirs from the state. Abound in many attractions; Rajasthan shopping tours are gaining much popularity day by day. No tour to Rajasthan is complete without going on a shopping expedition with your family or friends on Rajasthan tours.

In a state full of tourist attractions abound in historical ruins and impeccable specimens of architecture, your holidays are made most memorable. Experiencing the sensational tourist sites of Rajasthan is extremely exciting. Equally thrilling is going on a shopping expedition. The charisma of Rajasthani market is awesome, the experience is amazing. A land where people always display a perfect harmony of colors and emotions, there even markets are too flashy for the visitors. With a pinch of red here, blue there, green hither and yellow thither. The visitors are just spellbound to see such a wide range of articles and good sold here.

Tourists can go for buying blue pottery, perfumes, Jaipuri light weight quilts, traditional paintings, sweets, carved white marble and metal ware. During shopping tours in Rajasthan you can also go for block printed garments, lac jewelry, precious stones jewelry, bandhani work, tie and dye fabrics.

One exciting feature of Rajasthani shopping is that the visitors get a golden chance of haggling over the price with the shopkeepers who try to quote the dearest price and customers bargain to the lowest possible to strike the best deal. But bargaining with the shopkeepers is surely time taking activity filled with much fun and excitement.

Rajasthan shopping is also known for the famous jewelry industry. It happens to be the largest hand cut gems’ center. Coming to Jaipur you can explore how a lifeless metal or a stone is blown life into and made an exquisite piece of art. Markets of Rajasthan also display a unique art of Meenakari that is known for enameling of gold or silver.

Where on earth will you find such an immaculate collection of souvenirs except Rajasthan? It has been now quite a while that Rajasthani artisans have been blending vegetable dyes and colors made of minerals very skillfully. Arriving to Jodhpur you can see most intricate way of dying a fabric. This is tie and dye or locally called bandhani. And if you move to Sanganer, you can have a vivid fabric of block prints that are famous as Sanganeri prints.

Moving into the interiors of Rajasthan, there are tribes to welcome you with an extraordinary display of embroidery work. These pieces are excellently done and are a must buy here. These are some of the most famous shopping destinations in Rajasthan India. If you plan your holidays during some traditional fairs and festivals, then you get to have a wide variety of bangles, fabrics, trinkets, terracotta utensils, camel saddles, and puppets which is a delightful sight.