Monday, March 14, 2011

Embellished Culture of Rajasthan Glitters the Eyes

The Culture of  Rajasthan is very remarkable and beautiful that stands out exceptionally unique and worthwhile out in India Tours. Diverse topography, history and intriguing culture and lifestyle is what gives Rajasthan a different flavor. The rich heritage of the state is visible in every aspect of the people’s lives and landscape. Right from the flowing colorful hand woven dresses, gem studded jewelries and ornaments which even adorn the pet animals to the palatial palaces and havelis of the Rajput families, the special culture of  Rajasthan is what governs the lives of people who are continuing the legacy of their ancestors and maintaining the traditional practice in its true form. The diverse and joyous fairs and festivals are all symbols of the rich and unique Culture of  Rajasthan which are colorful days filled with folk music and dance, fables and street plays. Any festival and occasion is celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy over here.Festivity and feasting are a regular feature in the lives of Rajasthani people who live daily with aplomb and style.

The most commonly spoken language in the state is Hindi whereas the natives are fluent in Marwari. The people here also follow their religious and rituals piously. Hinduism is mostly practiced, followed by other religions such as Jainism, Islamism, Sikhism and Christianity. Famous temples like those of the Lord Brahma’s in Pushkar is worldwide known for it’s the only temple dedicated to the Hindu god of Creation Lord Brahma. Birla Mandir, Balaji of Salasar are also other well known temples in the state. The architecture needs less description of the state as it is already well appreciated and known by people for the exquisite and amazing forts and palaces built by erstwhile kings.These magnificent mansions speak volumes about the royal grandeur of the place.

City palace, Amber fort, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Umaid Palace Bhawan etc is the most visited ones. How can one get forget the embroidery for which the state is most famous in the world and from where the fabric and art forms sent all over the world? The unique thing which makes it stand out is that it is purely done by hands and nowhere is the machine’s assistance involved. The designs like block printing, zari, bagaru, tie and die, sanganeer are the most common ones. Rajsthan  is also well known for Rajasthani bandhni saris. Kundan and gold jewelry, brasswork, handicraft items, wooden toys and wares, carpets and other decorative items are the best shopping and gifting items found here.

Miniature paintings of the different schools of  Rajasthan are famous too which depict themes of the various myths and legends. The art and culture has been influenced by the Persian elements during Mughal era and can be seen in Bikaner paintings and frescoes on palace wheels. Devotional in nature, these paintings depict Lord Krishna’s life whereas Kota paintings also drew hunting scenes and beautiful women. Rajasthan Tour  is famous for its mirror work, done on clothes, cushions, even walls.The folk dances of Rajasthan are known for its lively and rhythm in rich ghaghra and armful of bangles dancing to the tune of the Sarangi, a Rajasthani string instrument. The folk poets of Rajasthan, recite ballads as they wander from village to village entertaining the people enroute. The varied, colorful arts and folk dances lend color to the barren Desert of  Rajasthan.