Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top 5 Attractions To Visit India Tour

Sussane was lost deep in thoughts. After having decided to visit India in winters, she now faced the dilemma of choosing the destinations and what a country it was-so much of diversity, so many options from adventure to natural diversity, from sandy beaches to places of historical importance and not to forget the Cultural and spiritual aspects. The more she read about various destinations, the more confused she was as she had limited days in hand and what she wanted to see was difficult to manage within those days; at least not until she was put in touch with Erco Travels.

The agents of Erco Travels solved her problem in seconds. All that they asked was her liking and inclination and came up with an extremely satisfying itinerary of top five attractions of India Tour, which were:
•Delhi: The capital of India, which in any ways Sussane had to touch base because of being her entry point in the country. However, the Erco Travels agent had explained how this was where she could get a glimpse of modern India along with the India of Britisher’s and Maharajas.  Delhi Tour also had lot many interesting museums, places of religious interest and a lot to shop.

•Agra: Famous for the seventh wonder in the world-the Taj Mahal, Agra was always on her itinerary. The Erco Travels agent had said that she will forget the world when she will visit the monument. He had also explained how travelling from Delhi to Agra was so easy and comfortable and could also be clubbed with a visit to Fatehpur Sikri.

•Jaipur: Erco Travels agent had also informed her that Jaipur founded by Maharaja Jai Singh II is the capital of Rajasthan and is popularly known as the Pink city. The city offers the best glimpse of erstwhile India and also showcases how tradition and culture has merged with modernity in India giving the country a unique identity.

• Ranthombore: The abode of the King of jungle-Tiger, the place is renowned for catching a glimpse of the magnificent animal. What makes it all the more special is the manner in which historical monuments merge with the natural diversity.

•Backwaters of Kerala: Lapping waves surrounded by greenery and cruised around in luxury is what Kerala backwater Tour offers. Whoever gets to visit this rejuvenating locale and such luxurious treatment finds it difficult to end their holiday as the heady mix of location, hospitality of boat staff, luxurious albience and the mouth-watering cuisine is enough to mesmerise anyone.

Having identified these hotspots of India, Sussane was now only left to apply for leave. She actually couldn’t imagine that all this could be so easy. But then she also realised that certain things are best left to the experts as it is their experience that cannot be substituted by any information on internet and to get a fraction of that wisdom one needs to get in touch with them and interact to understand what is best suited for both. Now Sussane is waiting eagerly to visit India.