Friday, April 8, 2011

Cultural Rajasthan Tours To India

Culture is a word that is synonymous with the Deserts of Rajasthan. While desert may conjure up the images of sandy vastness, spreading endlessly over miles of flat land, where in breeze is always related to sand storms of various colours and intensity; one thing remains very familiar in the dull surroundings: the vibrant costumes of people, their culture and festivals.

The Erco Travels agents always feel that all in all, it is a different world all together, where time transcends into stillness when the little bells hanging from the necks of merrily strolling Camels fill the air. Or, when young firls and women, dressed up in their refinery, singing happily in the wee hours of morning, celebrate the gangaur festival, where in the unmarried girls pray to get a good husband and the married ones keep fast for the welfare of their family and husband. Not to forget the sound of dhup- a local musical instrument that spreads far and wide in the month of March, awaking sleepy folks out of their beds, especially near the festival of holi in India. It is these little gestures of finding zest and fervour in everything that Rajasthani’s do is what adds more spice to the already vibrant culture of the state.

Accordingly, feels the Erco Travels agents that a tour to this extremely Culture of Rajasthan state of India should encompass an ingredient of all-its heroic history, nostalgic fight of even women for the land, festivals, cuisine and traditions that are still so very unique to the place and leave the tourist almost spellbound. All through their stay, it is difficult for them to get out of the hospitality and warmth of the people that is extended wholeheartedly at almost all the destinations.


Erco Travels agents are of the view that owing to the variety offered by the state, the cultural tour can be designed as per the interest and wishes of the traveller as there is so much to mix and match. If the interest is tilted towards history and architect then to begin with stay can be organised in heritage hotels, which are an experience in itself. Then the destinations can be picked and chosen to ensure that most of the renowned  Forts and Palaces and monuments are covered and clubbed with camel and elephant rides to give the real feel of the golden times of the erstwhile Maharajas.

However, if emphasis is only on natural diversity, than too there is lot to see. To begin with, there is Ranthambore-the abode of Bengal Tiger’s roar. This visit can also be combined with the natural beauty of  Jodhpur sand dunes. The festivity that encompasses one amidst the undulating stretches of sand dunes is awesome and mind-blowing. Staying in tents and yet being treated to the hospitality of locals with their cuisine, dance and music, while visiting nearby destinations is a treat few can forget though out their life.

And for shopaholics, sky is the limit. Handicrafts, embroidery and the craft of local artisans is beyond description for its artistry and refinement. In fact, it is so difficult to define the vibrant Culture of Rajasthan in very many words that it is much better to see it yourself. Any takers?