Saturday, April 16, 2011

Museum And Architectural Tour Of India

Indian architecture is rooted in its Culture, traditions and history. In fact, as the country progressed and moved on from one era to another, the influences that various religions and dynasties had on its traditions finds an outlet in various forms of architect practiced in different parts of the country. As a result, India has an extremely rich history of various forms of architect, which were practised at different points of time. It started from the Mehrgarh culture of the Indus valley civilization when houses were made of mud bricks. As a result Pramod Chandra mentions in Encyclopedia Britannica’s article ‘South Asian arts’ that how “the major cities associated with the civilization, notably Mohen-jodaro, Harappa and Kalibangan were laid out on a grid pattern and had provisions for an advanced drainage system”.

Keeping in mind the rich history of the bygone eras, travellers endeavouring to relish the Architect and Museums of India have a lot to choose from as is evident from the selected list given below:

Khujaraho- Renowned across the globe for the learnings that erotic architect on the wall of temples offers to the populace. Constructed between the ninth and tenth century, these temples also find mention in the UNESCO World Heritage list and highlight the ethos of Indian religion that revered the practice of yoga and bhoga that oscillated between devotion to God and satisfaction out of physical pleasures.

Sarnath-The place where Gautam Budha first taught about Dharma, is located in Uttar Pradesh and is also an important Jain pilgrimage. This is also a place that has offered extremely rich collection of artefacts and sculptures to India, including the most famous exhibit of a single Lion capital of Ashoka, which now proudly finds its place in a museum in Sarnath. The other important attractions of the Sarnath Archaeological Museum include the renowned Ashoka pillar that is all remnants of the great emperor-Ashoka.

Chandigarh- A very modern city, this capital of Punjab and Haryana is not only the political and cultural hub of the state, but also houses the famous Rock garden built by Nek Chand from scrap material, and also has some very popular museums like the Chandigarh architect museum that gives a Glimpse of the original documents regarding the planning of the city, besides offering an insight into the rare plans and sketches prepared as part of the master plans of the city.

Agra-This is one city that is renowned across the globe for the presence of  Taj Mahal -the seventh wonder of the world. Not to forget Fatehpur Sikri. These wonderful monuments are a living example of Mughal architect and have still not found a match for their refined workmanship.

Jaipur- This pink city mesmerises tourists with its architecture, monuments, museums and unique colour theme alike. It is difficult for the tourists to point out what surpasses their fascination more. From Hawa Mahal to Nahargarh fort, Jantar Mantar and Amber fort-the city is a wonderful place to enjoy the architectural expertise that prevailed in the times of Rajput Maharajas, which is what made the city one of the best planned even in those erstwhile era.

In fact, India is so rich in traditions and architecture that this list is endless stated Erco Travels agent. Need to know more, just get in touch with us, he added.